A thing or two about

Anne Luxury Eats

Unbiased. Unsponsored. Unfiltered.

I love good food, to be specific, good fine food.

I believe the F&B space in Malaysia could really use a reality audit to separate the great from the good, the good from the bad, the bad from the worse.

Why should you trust my review? 

For 1 simple reason, I wrote my critique as a CUSTOMER like you and me whereby we pay for every single meal from our pocket hence the emphasis on UNSPONSORED.

Luxury is more than just the amount on the bill. It's a lifestyle and I'm here to make sure everyone gets the best bang for their bucks!

As for restaurants/businesses that would like to work with AnneLuxuryEats, be ready to handle CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, as I only write unbiased reviews. If its good, I'll compliment. If it's bad, I will offer constructive feedback so restaurants/businesses can work on improving.


The end goal - to help restaurants/businesses raise their standards, improve on quality and gain exposure.