Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6/10

Will I come back: No, unless chef improves on his shari.

Pork-free, serves alcohol


This post is based on Special Omakase by Sushi Taka.


It’s been 9 months since I last stepped foot into Taka ever since Sushi Saito ended their contract and moved to HK. I never bothered to try Sushi Taka as I was worried of being disappointed.

But since it was a place that I used to frequent, I thought I should give them a chance, at least. Sadly, this didn’t meet my expectations.

Same Special Omakase. Same Price. But not even close to my experience with Taka by Sushi Saito.

Shari has great texture, but lacks flavour. It’ll be great if there is slightly more vinegar in the shari to bring out the flavour of the neta. The temperature was also all over the place. Sometimes it’s slightly cold, sometimes it’s room temperature. Probably something that chef needs to improve on, since the menu is structured very differently from the typical Omakase flow. Suggest to change shari more frequently to ensure it’s always at room tempt.

Overall appetisers were fine. Those that stood out were the Seawater Uni, Awabi, Tako and Kamatoro Shabu-shabu. The others were nothing extraordinary.

The Sazae (Turban Shell) was overly seasoned and it became really salty. What a waste of good shellfish.

(7-1) The ugliest-looking Sushi turns out to be the best tasting one, which was the Chef’s Signature (missed out on the menu). Minced Otoro with Daikon & Negi. Great flavour, tasted slightly different from Negitoro. Would have looked better if it’s presented as a Temaki instead of Nigiri. Loved the creamy Anago too!

I realised chef likes to put his sushi down for 1-2 seconds before serving to customers... Not sure why he did that but by the time the sushi reaches me, it would’ve been slightly cold 🤔

That Japanese milk pudding was so good that I requested for another serving 🤣


Friendly and attentive floor staff. Gave my feedback to chef and he acknowledged.


Modern Japanese interior. Counter seats and private rooms available.


Images are not arranged according to courses.