Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9/10

Will I come back: Yes!

This post is based on Special Kaiseki menu by Ushi.


Ushi specialises in Ozaki Wagyu. Hands down one of my favourite places for my Japanese Wagyu fix!

1. Live Uni Jelly was very refreshing, the jelly gives a twist to the usual uni taste.

2. Wagyu Tataki with Yuzu chilli on the side was yet another appetising dish. Love the sour and spicy kick from the Yuzu chilli!

3. Torigai (Japanese Cockles) arrived on the same day as I dined in. Super fresh 👌🏻

4. Stewed Wagyu cheeks wrapped in 2 thinly sliced Wagyu. Can’t get enough of the tenderness of the cheeks!

5,6&7. Charcoal grilled Wagyu & uni. The perfect combo, especially with rice!😋

8. Wagyu Ramen & Truffles was light yet comforting.

9. The best Japanese pudding I’ve had. Not even joking. Creamy and smooth af.


Friendly and attentive floor staff. Chef is very interactive with customers.


Japanese interior. Clean & comfortable. Private rooms are available.


Special Kaiseki is available upon request 7 days prior to reservation.

I never had the normal Kaiseki before but I highly recommended the Special Kaiseki!