Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9/10

Will I come back: Yes!

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Special Kaiseki by Ushi.

Back at my favourite place for some Japanese Wagyu goodness!


1. Chef presented the special ingredients of the day. Spot that Kamatoro! (Tuna Cheek)

2. Charcoal Grilled Ozaki Wagyu with Uni was a really good combination! Juicy beef and creamy Uni, definitely one of my staples whenever I’m here.

3. Hands down the best Stewed Japanese Wagyu Cheeks. 90% of the time I’m here for this. Rich, tender and flavourful!

4. Ozaki Wagyu marinated in Kombu with Japanese Melon & Caviar. This dish was mind-blowing, almost felt like I was eating cold-cuts, except this wasn’t too salty. The melon was so sweet and paired really well with the beef!

5. Raw Ozaki Wagyu and Uni was a combination of chewy and creamy texture.

6. Steamed Awabi (Abalone) and liver sauce also took me by surprise! The liver sauce was really rich but not bitter, paired really well with the tender Awabi. I’ve had liver sauce many times but this was good stuff 👌🏻

Kama toro (Tuna Cheek) had slight crispy texture and charred flavour on the outside, literally melt-in-your-mouth texture in the middle!

7. Sukiyaki with Garlic Rice was very flavourful, especially with Special Sauce on top made from Sake.

8. Two-flavoured Japanese Pudding - Original & Corn. Both were smooth and creamy but I preferred the original 😝


Images are not arranged according to Menu.