Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Special Kaiseki (RM1700/pax) by Ushi.

Brought Ori San & his wife from Sushi Ori to come and experience my favourite Ozaki Wagyu Beef!

Raw Ozaki Wagyu & extra Uni was chewy and creamy, great combination!

Grilled Chateau Briand (my favourite part) was extremely soft and tender like marshmallow. Completely outshined that uni on the side.

Wagyu Tempura with Whole Lobster Tail & Summer Truffle was lightly crispy outside, soft and juicy inside. Truffle wasn’t overpowering so it added a light aroma.

(1) Ozaki Rib-roll was chewy, went well with the Caviar.

(2) Steamed Abalone Soup had natural Abalone flavour & it was tender.

(3) Wild-caught Fresh Water Eel was moist but I’m not a fan of tofu.

(4) Stewed Wagyu Cheeks are my staple here. Soft and tender.

Wagyu Tenderloin with Japanese Curry was rich and flavourful, would order this for lunch next time!

Grilled Ozaki Beef Rib Shin was nothing fancy, just really juicy and flavourful.

Had 2 of the Japanese Pudding because why not! Shine Muscat grapes were sweet.


Images are not arranged according to Menu.