Updated: Apr 4

(Tempura Thursdays)

Rating: 8.5/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Tempura Special Kaiseki by Ushi.


Quite impressed with the ingredients prepared, but the batter could’ve been crispier for my liking! Chef Kawasaki’s batter was lighter and softer, but I prefer a light-crisp for my Tempura. Told Chef about my personal preference halfway through and he immediately tweaked the Tempura batter to a crispier texture to fit my liking!

Kuro Awabi with Uni was lightly crispy, tender and creamy!

Hamaguri with Caviar was crispy and lightly chewy with strong flavour from the clam.

(1) Hanasaki Kani Leg was sweet and juicy.

(2) Wild-caught Unagi was crispy outside, moist inside! This was my favourite Tempura.

(3) Kisu Tempura had a firmer texture with crispy batter.

(4) Asparagus was lightly sweet and crunchy.

Kakiage Don with Shiba Prawns & Truffle was crispy and juicy, topped with semi-runny yolk. Lots of flavour in a bowl!

Foie Gras Tempura on Raw Ozaki Beef was creamy, juicy and lightly chewy. Great combination!

Handmade Soba with Karasumi had light savouriness and the Maitake Tempura added crispy texture to the springy soba.

Medium & Large sized Kuruma Ebi Head were both crispy. (2) Medium sized body was firmer & (3) Large sized was juicier. Wished the batter was slightly crispier for the body, but still good.

(1) Cold Abalone Soup was rich.

(2) My usual Japanese Pudding to finish. (I had 2 servings haha!)


They serve Tempura every Thursday - Regular menu is RM588/pax! Personally prefer crispier Tempura texture. Different experience from the Ozaki Wagyu Special Kaiseki, but I love them both!