A Caviar Dining Experience at Shoppes Four Seasons

Updated: Apr 13

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I was invited to “A Caviar Dining Experience” at @shoppesfskl - Featuring Caviar from @poseidonreserve on Pizza from @atlasgourmetmarket and Char Kway Teow (CKT) from @malaysiabolehkl!

My thoughts on the event - Fun & Interesting! Featuring Caviar on Pizza might seem common, but Caviar on CKT? That’s my first. And I’m glad I got to try both!


Pizza (Halal)

Russian Siberian Baerii was the Star Ingredient on the pizza. Creamy Cheese Salted Egg base was cheesy but salted egg flavour was quite mild.

But personally, the real deal was the fresh Assorted Seafood. Wasabi mascarpon and grated salted egg yolk added more flavour to the pizza.

The Caviar paired well and added a luxurious touch to the pizza, but but I didn’t think it was necessary. The base and toppings were so flavourful that the Caviar didn’t really matter. The pizza itself had a light crispy crust, but I wished it was crispier. Also wished they would remove the whole prawn shell instead of leaving the tail on. Still, this was worth all the calories. Wouldn’t mind having the whole pizza to myself!

Traditional Char Kway Teow (non halal) topped with Russian Siberian Baerii was the most EXTRA thing I’ve had in a long while. The CKT was already very flavourful (and savoury) so I barely tasted the Caviar. The CKT itself was really good, so adding on Caviar was kinda pointless. But it was fun to explore anyway!

Thank you for having me!



Will I pay for the additional Caviar? Maybe for the pizza, but definitely not for the CKT.