Akâr Dining

Updated: Mar 28

Rating: 9/10

Price: RM150/pax

Will I come back: YES!


This post is based on Akar’s 5-course Carte Blanche.


For RM150 per pax, the food has totally EXCEEDED my expectations! Here I’m talking about taste, plating and technique. French-modern cuisine DONE RIGHT!

The course came with complimentary bread that was really crispy and goes well with the tomato butter.

1. RAW - Scallops Cerviche was refreshing and the Sago chips gave a crunchy texture to the dish. Great starter 👌🏻

2. FISH - Not usually a fan of Mackerel (because its fishy smell) but this was really good! The mild cream foam, clams and crisp onion complimented the Spanish Mackerel.

3. PLAT - literally feels like “Atas” Claypot Chicken Rice. Except this was damn good! The chicken skin was charred to perfection and meat was tender. The rice was crispy and fragrant, almost felt like eating rice crisps. The only thing I didn’t like was the vegetables. Thought they were a bit “extra”. 🤣

4. LIVER - Foie Gras that looked like cheesecake 😱 But this was one of the best Foie Gras I’ve had! Was skeptical about the beetroot but it blended in so well with the Foie Gras and cherry tomatoes.

5. PALATE CLEANSER - Cucumber Lime Sorbet sounded hella weird to me but actually tastes good! This place is full of surprises. 🤣

6. DESSERT - A combination of creamy and crispy textures from Milo and Belgium Chocolate, can’t get any better. I didn’t really like the coffee jelly tho, would prefer more of the crisps instead!


Each element in each course was well-explained. Kind and friendly staff too.


Cozy and comfortable dining area. No views.


The menu changes every month.