Akâr Dining

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9/10

Price: RM150/pax, +RM40 to upgrade mains to beef

Will I come back: Definitely yes!

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on 5-course Carte Blanche by Akar.

My 2nd time dining here with a different menu, and the food still blown me away. Especially for this price!


RAW - Golden Snapper Crudo reminded me of Chinese Steamed Fish, except this was raw. Adding a Malaysian touch to French Cuisine, it was completely different from my first visit but still as good.

FISH - Grilled Barramundi was moist but the skin was slightly rubbery (Difficult to tear apart). What blown me away was the Fish Maw Congee. It was so flavourful and had really rich umami!

PLAT - Tried both the Duck & Beef.

Aged-duck was very flavourful and tender. Some of the best aged-ducks I’ve had! But would’ve liked it more if the skin was crispy. Sausage on the side had lots of herbs & spices, love it!

Australian Grainfed Beef was cooked medium-rare and well-seasoned. But the Shio Koji on the side enhanced the flavour of the beef and it tasted extraordinary!

LIVER - Another Foie Gras course that was completely different from my first visit, but I was equally impressed. It was a combination of creamy and crispy textures, sweet and sour flavours.

Palate Cleanser had very strong cucumber flavour this time round, overpowered the granita.

DESSERT - It resembled a childhood favourite, Apollo Biscuits. Rich chocolate flavour, loved the crunchy and creamy textures. Super satisfying!

Complimentary bread was crispy (Not included in Menu).


Menu changes every month. And I’ll be back every month because they’re just that good, very affordable too!