Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9/10 (0.5 for excellent service!)

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on my second visit to Aliyaa. Most orders were different from my first visit, and they definitely did not disappoint!


Rich, flavourful, great punch from the spices, almost everything was spot-on this visit!

Negombo Style Giant Prawns (RM224/4pcs) were really big and juicy, curry was rich but not too thick, very different from Chef Siva’s Special Style. Both great in its own way!

Signature Crab Colombo Style (RM144) stole the show! The curry was thick, rich, spicy and so addictive! The crab was sweet and juicy, and the waiter offered to remove the shell for me!

Re-ordered the Lamb Cutlets (RM24) because I remembered how much I enjoyed them! Crispy outside, packed with spiced shredded lamb inside.

Dallo (RM24) was crispy outside, tender inside. It was sweet and spicy, very appetising!

Mutton Stringhopper Kothu (RM35) was literally Putu Mayam chopped and stirred fried. It was slightly spicy but so flavourful! Tasted even better after adding the curry from the crab.

Kuliyal Seafood (RM42) was also very fragrant, lightly sweet from the onions, spicy from the Chili and seafood was fresh. This was really good, but personally preferred the Kuliyal Lamb from my last visit, it was sweeter and slightly more flavourful.

The manager offered Complimentary Odiyal Kool Jaffna Soup (pre-order required), Chicken Varuval (New Recipe!), Roast Paan (To go with the curry) and Stir-fry Leeks!

Flaming Appam and Sweet Appam were also complimentary! (I only found out after looking at the bill when I left. But you can read about it on my previous write-up!)


If I’m craving for something rich, packed with flavour and spices, this is where I’ll be! This place is worth all the calories.