Apollo Dining

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8/10 (Quality seems to be inconsistent)

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Apollo Dining’s ala carte menu. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this place and finally decided to check it out myself. -


Apollo features Asian fusion cuisine, and this place actually lives up to its hype!

1. American Scallop & Taro was my favourite among the starters. Plump scallops combined with crispy Taro croquettes giving different textures and flavours 👌🏻

2. Thai Laksa Crab was interesting, but the laksa crab sauce needs a bit more flavour. Great portion of the soft shell crab tho!

3. Slow Cooked Beef Ribs took awhile (25 minutes) but it was nothing extraordinary. Can try but won’t reorder.

4. Kicap Manis Duck Confit was tender and flavourful. The sweet sauce complimented the duck.

5. Seabass, Tuna & Crabmeat on top of crispy fu chuk skin was refreshing and appetising.

6. Chicken Percik Roulade was well-marinated, minced chicken krakow had intense flavour but I the kerabu risotto was quite heavy. Would’ve been better if it was just plain rice to contrast the richness of the chicken.

7. Duck Goi Cuon was okay but the skin was too thick so it was hard to chew.

8. Cempedak Nian Gao Fritters sounded fancy, but actually tastes good! Lightly crisp outside, intense cempedak and nian gao taste inside. Good stuff 👌🏻


Waiter was attentive and gave great recommendations.


Many OOTD spots. Two floors available. Clean and comfortable.


Other than the Beef Ribs, everything else was recommended by the waiter as their popular dishes.