ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6/10 (Too noisy, like dining in a pasar malam. Read more at Ambience)

Will I come back: Maybe

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Six Course Atas Journey Menu (RM228) by Atas.

Atas serves Modern Malaysian Cuisine.


Overall it was okay for the price, some hit and misses.

Blue Tiger Prawn was juicy and fresh, the sambal added lots of flavour to it, and Betal Leaf gave a light crunch (like eating Miang Kham).

Momotaro Tomatoes were refreshing, Stracciatella was creamy and cheesy but they complimented each other.

Cured Ocean Trout was fresh, but barely tasted any sambal. Ikura was extremely fishy. Loved the crispy Puffed Tapioca.

Lawas Highland Red Rice was undercooked, the edges were hard. The rice itself was quite bland, but tasted better with the consommé.

Malabar Snapper was moist and well-seasoned, tasted great with the sauces on the side. Skin wasn’t crispy tho. Plating needs improvement too.

Upgraded the mains to Wagyu Sirloin (RM100) but the fish tasted better. Beef was quite bland, the spiced jus didn’t go well with the beef. It was also slightly tough for my liking (although it was medium-rare).

Pahang Chocolate was rich and creamy, barely tasted any Szechuan Pepper (which was a good thing for me). Sorbet was refreshing.


Waiter was friendly and very attentive. But the wait in between courses was quite long.


It was extremely noisy and the waiter/manager either didn’t tell them to lower down their volume or they just didn’t care. The food took very long to come so I couldn’t finish up my meal ASAP and leave. Instead, I had to bear with all that shouting and laughing for almost 2 and half hours. Fine-dine gone wrong.


I’d rather go to Beta for Modern Malaysian Cuisine. I’ve had a better dining experience there, be it the food or ambience.