Azabu KL

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 7.5/10

Will I come back: Yes, for the Sushi!

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Omakase Menu (RM490) by Azabu.

The last time I visited Azabu was 2 years ago, and I’m glad that I came back because I’ve found a new love for their sushi!


The ingredients used were not the highest quality, but decent. Overall I preferred their Sushi over their Sashimi. Would come back for their Sushi!

Oyster was okay-fresh but not WOW-SO-FRESH.

I loved the Katsuo Sashimi, tastefully marinated and was very rich. The others were okay.

Finally found a place that nailed their Sushi! (Other than Sushi Ori.) Shari Texture, Flavour and Temperature on point! The shari was so good, I can close one eye on the fact that Neta wasn’t top quality 🤣

My favourite piece was the Japanese A5 Wagyu Sushi (5-2)! It was soft and chewy, great contrast to the firm and flavourful shari.

I wished the Sushi size was slightly bigger. Told chef that I liked the size of the Anago Sushi because it was the largest among all (4-4), and he made me a Medium-sized Maki instead of the regular size for the last piece (5-4). I was pleased!

3-types of Uni - Bafun, Murasaki & Ensui. My favourite was Ensui.

That duck in the appetiser was a huge turn-off. It was cold, dry and rough. 🙄

(9-1) Chawanmushi was very silky and smooth! The Yuzu pepper added a kick of acidity and spiciness to it.

No grilled dishes, and not many Sashimi’s.


No sushi towel provided, only 1 hand towel. Waiters were attentive.


Traditional Japanese interior, counter and side table seatings available.

Disclaimer: Would come back for the Sushi, especially if Chef can do a Special Sushi-Only Course (with better ingredients)!