BABE - Japas Fun Dining

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8/10

Will I come back: Yes, on days when I want something else other than Edomae Sushi.

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Sushi Babe Pop-up Omakase Menu by Michelin Starred Chef Jeff Ramsey.


If you’re expecting Edomae Sushi with the traditional preparation method, then this is not the place. Sushi Babe was more of a fun and innovative sushi experience.

There are too many courses for me to break down, but overall I enjoyed a whole different experience from the Omakase’s I’ve had. A lot of interesting flavours, textures and presentation involved. And the food actually tastes good!

There were a few courses that really stood out.

(3-2) The Tenshi Ebi (Blue Angel Prawn) was partially seared, the head was roasted and crushed, hidden between the ebi and sushi for crispy texture and umami.

(3-4) Wagyu Beef topped with Szechuan Pepper literally tasted like mala hotpot beef!

(4) Hamachi (Kingfish) was smoked with 1000 year-old Cedar, which gives a unique smokey aroma and flavour to the Hamachi.

(5-3&4) Love the different flavour and textures from the Truffled Engawa & Mustard Seeds.

The Origami made out of pickled ginger was also very interesting!

(7) The Truffle & King Crab Chawanmushi was so smooth and silky, literally one of the best I’ve had!

I supplemented the A5 Wagyu after my course but it was nothing extraordinary. Steak itself was a bit bland but tastes alright with the Yuzu Kosho.

The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that the rice was cold. But again, this is not traditional Edomae Sushi, so imma let it go. Right here, the focus is on creativity and innovation.

Or else, the ratings would definitely be lower 😅


The staff doesn’t refill my tea unless I request for it. Chef was very interactive.



Mixture of indoor, outdoor and counter seatings. Great KL Tower and Twin Tower views.


I’ve been for Babe’s Fun Dining last year and I wasn’t a fan. But since this was a complete different concept (and its Sushi!), I decided to give it a try. Honestly didn’t regret it!