Bistro à Table

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 1.8/10 (0.3 for chef who changed her defensive attitude)

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on 2 6-course Deluxe Degustation (RM349++/pax) & 1 6-course Malaysiana Degustation (RM260++/pax) by Bistro A Table.



The worst meal I’ve had in years, and it’s coming from an Award-Winning French Restaurant. What a shame.


Overall it was a horrible experience. I’ve had better canteen food in high school than this.

Head Chef (which is also the boss) waived off the 2 mains - Red Wine Bourguignon (2) was covered with oil and Rabbit Confit (3) was very dry.

Veal Sweetbreads (Aka Throat / Pancreas which I didn’t know what it was until the head chef told me later on) looked unappetising and tasted off. It was smelly and the first time I had to spit my food out during fine dine because this was just not palatable (Maybe that’s how it is and I can’t appreciate).

(5-1) Crab & Squid Ink Ravioli was very thick and hard, I had to cut off the edges. The sauce had strong vegetable taste, not a fan.

(5-2) Smoked Octopus Cavatelli was acceptable. Cavatelli was aldente and base was creamy.

(5-3&4) Strozzapreti looked and tasted undercooked to me. (I’m not a pasta expert so anyone that has more knowledge in this aspect, please enlighten me if this is how it’s supposed to look like.)

Smoked Salmon Tartare was served with some ridiculously greasy Croutons. I took a bite and everything was grease! Tasted better with the Sourdough (Not featured).

(7-1) Signature Truffle Coddled Egg tasted like sour cream with egg yolk. Very bland and jelak, not a fan.

(7-2) Engawa was flavourful but the capellini was oily and bland.

At this point, the Crispy Lamb Rack was considered decent. It wasn’t crispy, and it lacked flavour, but at least it was tender and still palatable.

(9-1) Ordered Berry Baked Clafoutis but was served Mango Pavlova instead. Not what I ordered, but it was light and creamy.

(9-2) Baked Fig was soft but didn’t go well with the Gula Melaka.

(9-3) Chocolate Fondant was slightly overbaked but it tasted the best.


I had to ask to speak to the chef TWICE. Turns out all this while the food wasn’t prepared by the head chef, but by another chef and all he said was “I’m sorry, let me call my boss.”


10 minutes later, the head chef aka boss arrived. Apparently it was her day-off.

Instead of apologising and checking with the kitchen first, she got extremely defensive.

She claimed that she eats her own restaurant’s food all the time and there has never been any complaints like this from any customers. She even think that I was trying to BLACKMAIL her by posting this online.


I have every right to post this online, because I pay for my meal. I’m not asking for a free meal, but I am giving her my honest feedback, hoping she would look into it and improve the quality of her food, and at least do something to make up for the horrible experience.


I showed her how oily the beef and the mash were, then she apologised and agreed, said it was cooked with foie gras that’s why it’s oily, and HERE she mentioned some customers complain about it sometimes. As for the mash, she said “That’s how I make my mash, I love my truffle oil.”

I showed her the dry rabbit confit, the salmon & croutons. THEN only she went into the kitchen to check.


She came out with a completely different attitude (much more toned-down), brought some smoked salmon samples (it was my mistake thinking it was fresh salmon tartare). She showed me some Strozzapreti samples too and said this was how it’s supposed to be and there’s nothing wrong with it, but please refer to (5-4) and enlighten me.

She also offered Rabbit Confit & Croutons samples but they were completely different from what I was served. I even showed her the pictures and videos I took just for comparison sake.

She asked if we wanted her to prepare our mains again but I’ve already lost my appetite.

At last she decided to waive off the beef and rabbit confit from the bill.


Clean and comfortable dining area.


Maybe the food would’ve turned out better if it was prepared/monitored by the head chef. The food was disappointing, but the chef’s defensive attitude just made things worse.