Blackbyrd KL

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 5/10

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol.


This post is based on Blackbyrd’s dinner ala carte menu.

Wasn’t planning to come back but since some of my followers requested and it’s been half a year since I was here, I decided to give it one last chance.


I’ve been here for the third time, and they’re all equally disappointing.

1. Crispy Nori Crunch (RM28) was the only thing that I actually enjoyed. It was crispy, slightly spicy and tangy.

2. Wagyu Beef Satay (RM48) used to be better. Right now it tastes like any regular satay, but with Wagyu beef. Not a fan of the peanut sauce.

3. Balinese Seafood Croquettes (RM36) weren’t crispy, but it was packed with kunyit & spiced seafood filling (although I found a whole leaf among the seafood filling). Taste was acceptable.

4. Unagi Japanese Rice (RM52) felt more like Salmon Rice with Unagi & Crabroll bits, so pathetic. Thank god it tasted good. Should just change the name on the menu instead of misleading customers.

5. Truffle Tagliolini (RM59) was like Truffle flavoured Pan Mee with some shaved truffles. It was dry and not even al-dente, but taste was okay.

6. Chilean Seabass (RM120) was fishy, skin wasn’t crispy. Barely even ate half of it.

7. Iga Bakar (RM145) was slightly burnt, so some chunks actually tasted bitter. Even the condiments couldn’t save it.

8. Forget about the Bebek Goreng (RM52). 2 words - Dry & Tasteless.

9. Rum Infused Chocolate Brownies (RM24) had cheap chocolate taste and was too sweet.

Cendol Waffle (RM18) wasn’t great but better than the brownie. The ice cream was the best thing.


Blackbyrd collects RM25/pax deposit upfront. Waiters were kind and attentive.


KL Tower and Twin Tower views are only available at the bar area (ig worthy spot). Dining area was comfortable but only KL City Views.


All the steaks were sold out so we settled for the others that were recommended by the waiter.