Calia Malaysia

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6/10

(4th day into their opening. Reached at 12pm - their opening time but many items are either sold out or not available yet so this is based on what I’ve tried.)

Will I come back: Will be back to re-evaluate after 3 weeks when the full menu is released.

This post is based on Calia’s opening menu.


Overall it was just mediocre. Nothing WOWed me. Not bad, but just don’t think it’s worth the hype. Definitely some room for improvement. The coffee was good tho!

1&2. Ordered both the Signature Calia Wagyu Bowl with A5 Japanese Wagyu and Australian Full Blood Wagyu MB6+. Both tasted almost the same, in terms of flavour and texture. Not as good as I expected. I’ve had better Wagyu Bowls elsewhere. Can try but won’t reorder.

3. The Unagi Bowl was nothing special, forget about it.

4. The Umami Fries were so hyped up but honestly, it was really just typical fries with seaweed seasoning. Barely even ate half of it.

5. I was very turn off by the colour of the Tuna Sashimi. The rest tasted okay, nothing extraordinary.

The Scallop Sakuru was the worst. The ponzu sauce completely overpowered the taste of the scallops.

6. Australian Wagyu Sirloin MB7+ was just bland. Thank god for the salt on the side.

7. Salted Egg Yolk Chicken tasted fine but not crispy enough.

Truffle Chicken was dry and barely any truffle taste.

The Matcha Lava Lava was not available due to technical error ☹️ So we settled for other desserts.

8. Brown Sugar Boba Cake was interesting. Great texture and not too sweet.

9. Miso Crumble Cheesecake was nice, love the different textures from the crumbles combining with the cheesecake.


Definitely needs improvement. Waiter forgot about my coffee. Twice.


Modern, Marble-Themed interior. Nice place for pictures.


I’ve never been to Calia in Melbourne so there is no comparison here. But I’ve definitely had better cafe food in Melbourne than this.