Cantaloupe at Troika Sky Dining

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 7.5/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Spring/Summer 2020 Degustation Menu by Cantaloupe.

We ordered two 6-courses with different appetisers, mains & desserts to try everything on the menu.


At this price point, this was a pretty decent fine-dining experience. Other than the Amuse Bouche and the first course, I actually enjoyed everything else!

1. The Amuse Bouche was too heavy (creamy) for a start. No to the beef tongue.

Tomato Focaccia tasted weird and didn’t like the texture of the soggy bread.

2. Sardines were surprisingly good (not fishy!). The cherries added a touch of sweetness.

3. Not usually a salad person but I loved the Spring Salad. Creamy Confit Tuna topped on crunchy crouton felt like a nice snack.

4. Tiger Prawns tasted really sweet and juicy with the blackcurrent compote. Foie Gras Toast was slightly bland.

5. Halibut was moist and well-seasoned with curry powder and rosemary.

6. Lamb Loin Sausage was my favourite course. Tasted great with the harissa mousse and broth. But portion was quite small as a main.

7. Black Angus Tenderloin was medium rare and well-seasoned but I didn’t like the black olive powder (thank god it was on the side). The Potato Pave was damn good!

8. Combination of White & Dark Chocolate, Berries & Biscuit. Sounded complicated but it had a balance of chocolatey and fruity flavours with a crunch!

9. The caramelised Persimmon was hidden underneath the pastry (this was quite sweet) but tasted great with the green tea ice-cream and shaved white chocolate truffle. Really satisfying way to end the meal.


Waiters were nice and very attentive.


Overlooking KL Tower & Twin Towers. Modern interior, indoor and outdoor seatings available. Comes with private room.


Heard of this place for a long time but never tried it (I usually go to Fuego instead). Glad that I gave it a shot!