Chambers Bar & Grill

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6/10

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on ala carte menu by Chamber’s Grill. All orders were recommended by the manager.


Wagyu Tomahawk (RM514/1kg) was requested for Medium-rare, but came out very rare. (3&4) Sent back to the kitchen, most parts came back Medium-rare, some were still rare. (2) Decided to send certain parts in and requested for Medium-well, but still came out rare. I gave up.

Flavour wise, meat was well-seasoned. It was also juicy and flavourful, but I wished there was more char on the outside. Good, but not great.

King Prawns (RM177) weren’t fresh. They were very powdery, quite turn-off. I specifically asked the manager if the prawns were fresh before ordering them, and she insisted they were very fresh. LIES.

Grilled Bay Scallops (RM68) were small and weren’t juicy. Pretty much nothing to shout about. Sad plating.

Manager offered Complimentary Berry Pavlova to make up for the King Prawns. Wished she had double confirmed with the kitchen beforehand about the freshness. But still, appreciate the effort.

Complimentary bread was crusty, loved the cheesy top.


Waiters weren’t very attentive.


Slightly casual for a hotel steak place.


The Tomahawk here tasted better than what I had in Lucky Bo, but nowhere close to Prime & Marble8. I’d rather head to Prime next door.