Chipta 11A

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 3.5/5 for quality, 4/5 for portion

Will I come back: Yes



This post is based on Chipta’s RMCO Lunch Menu & Omakase Menu (Only available during dinner but chef was nice enough to fulfill my request).

If you’re coming here expecting Edomae Sushi, then you’re better off U-turning and head back. This is more of an affordable Japanese Fusion/Omakase with a twist. So if you’re looking for generous portions, non-traditional but not “Try Too Hard” Japanese, this is it.


Great portions and decent quality for the price you pay. Chef uses Assam Jawa Juice instead of Vinegar to marinate his shari.

1. Lux Assorted Sashimi Don (RM180) has various thick-cut fresh sashimi but wished there was more shari. Amazing value-for-money tho👌🏻

2. Fatty Bowl (RM200) was more Tuna-oriented so it has a combination of Otoro, Chutoro and Akami. Don’t usually like truffle on my Japanese Food but the truffle taste here was quite mild, so it was acceptable.

Each Don came with 1 appetiser (9-2) & 1 mini dessert (9-1&3).

3. Imma let the video do the talking.

4-10. Omakase set (RM300) came with 2 appetisers, 7 sushi, 2 hot dishes & 1 dessert.

Sushi portion was huge, with thickly-sliced neta, firm and flavourful shari. Would’ve been better if shari was kept at room-tempt. But this wasn’t Edomae Sushi so imma let it slide.

Chef uses familiar fishes but with unique garnishing for the sushi, quite interesting. Although I’m a huge fan of Edomae Sushi, this was an interesting experience and I wouldn’t mind coming back when I want something different.

The menu also came with Wagyu Beef & Aged Duck Breast. Both were decent but I prefer the beef. The 2 appetisers & complimentary sour dough were nothing to shout about, but I loved their Kombu Ice Cream!


Very accommodating chef! Told the chef that I like my shari room-temp to slightly warm after my first sushi, and I noticed he started changing the shari frequently.


Speakeasy Sushi Bar. Simple interior, comes with counter seats and side tables.


Images are not arranged according to courses.