Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6.8/10 (0.3 for good service from the Manager)

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Wednesday Special Dinner Menu (RM300/pax) by Cilantro.

Cilantro was my No.1 place when it comes to French Cuisine, but now I’m having second thoughts.


Tried out their Wednesday Specials and wasn’t really impressed. There were some great courses, but some were mediocre.

Uni with Crecy Creme was creamy and refreshing.

Saba Toast was slightly fishy but still acceptable (Mackerel is naturally quite fishy anyway, luckily this was cured.)

Oxtail with Foie Gras Consommé & Truffles was my highlight of the night. So much richness and umami in a bowl!

Slow Roasted Lamb was a huge turn-off! I wasn’t asked for my preferred doneness, and the lamb came medium-well to well-done. It was tough and bland. (Those who voted well-done, you’re not quite wrong, because this was very close to being well-done!) I would’ve preferred a medium.

Thankfully the manager offered me a replacement (although I told him it’s not necessary since I already ate it) but I appreciate the initiative! The replacement came medium to medium-well.

Grilled Meichidai with Tako was nothing to shout about. Tasted like ordinary pan-fried fish, but with soggy skin. Tako was tender.

(7-1) Bitter Chocolate Marquise with Coffee Sauce was overall a bitter dessert. Nothing wrong, I just like my dessert sweet.

(7-2) Petite Four (Canale and Financier) were both spot on! I enjoyed these more than the dessert 😅

(7-3) Not a fan of the Granite, weird aftertaste.

Added on Warm Chocolate molten cake (RM55) because I wasn’t satisfied with dessert. This was rich and chocolatey!

Amuse Bouche (Crispy Prawn) was crispy and juicy, Brioche with Truffle Butter was great, Sour Dough was okay.


Great initiative from the Manager. Waiters were attentive.


There was a “private party” in the private rooms but it was extremely noisy.


I prefer their regular Course Menu. Images are not arranged according to Menu.