Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on 2 4-Course Menu (RM538) by Cilantro. You get to pick your own courses from the menu.


Ordered most of the usual courses because that’s what I enjoy about this place!

Cold Capellini with Uni & Botan Ebi is one of the best I’ve had in KL. The right amount of sweetness & savouriness, fresh & juicy prawn with creamy Uni.

Uonuma Rice Risotto with Black Truffles was prepared using Japanese rice, it was aldente and not mushy! The Black Truffle aroma was okay, but the risotto portion wasn’t big so it was just nice.

Wagyu Tartar was lightly chewy, great flavour from the onion and scallions. Paired really well with the toast and bruschetta on the side!

Seared Scallops were plump and juicy, but the cauliflower on the side had a strong burnt taste.

Wagyu “Rossini” with Foie Gras was a bit bland this time. The beef was also slightly tough. This was my usual order, and first time I’ve encountered this here. Foie Gras was creamy.

Maine Lobster Pot au Feu was a lighter main. Lobster was juicy and lightly sweet, the broth was light but complimented the lobster.

(1) Warm Chocolate here is one of the better Chocolate Lava Cakes I’ve had in town. Chocolate was rich and runny. Still couldn’t appreciate the ginger taste on the ice cream.

(2) Noticed they only serve Canales instead of Madeleines as well for their Petit Four now. Still good.

(3) Strawberry & Kiwi Granite was refreshing.

(1&4) The usual Flakey Brioche with Truffle Butter & Complimentary bread (this was hard tho).

(2&3) Amuse Bouche of Salmon & some Potato shot (forgot the name) was good.


You can refer to my previous write-up for details on other courses!