Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 7.5/10 (Might be higher for people who appreciate vegetables)

Will I come back: No, unless the Vegetable Course is modified to meat & vegetables instead of just vegetables. Or maybe provide options of 4 & 5 courses to choose from.

This post is based on Dewakan’s RMCO menu with Juice Pairing.


Being placed No. 46 in Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants, I was definitely having high expectations! But honestly I was kinda let down that 2/6 courses are vegetable-oriented. But if you love vegetables, maybe you’ll have a much enjoyable experience.

1. Love the flatbread with various dips using different flavours and herbs instead of just bread and butter.

2. One of the best pigeon courses I’ve had up to date. Not a huge fan of pigeon but this was really good! Love the different preparation methods of the same ingredient.

3. The Seafood Course was my favourite. It has a variety of refreshing and flavourful dishes. My favourite was the crab!

Things started to go downhill from here:

4. I didn’t really enjoy the vegetable course, especially the eggplant. Too greasy and not a fan of the taste. The others were still acceptable for me, the Kaduk Leaf Crisp was the best.

5. Stone soup was 90% vegetables. Another vegetable oriented dish.... 😕 Taste was okay but I would rather have something else than vegetables at this point.

6. The best dessert among all 3 was “Lobster Tail”. That flakey pastry and passion fruit curd was such a perfect combo!

Iced fruits & Lime kulfi was refreshing.

7. Didn’t really like the Sugee Cake. Texture was like butter cake coated with sugar sheet. Tastes mehhh.

8. (No pictures) Juice pairing was interesting, worth trying.


Great introduction of the kitchen, preparation methods and the courses. Floor staff were friendly. Deposit of RM200 per pax is required.


The most spectacular sunset views of KL Skyline with both KL Tower & Twin Towers.


Can try if you love vegetables and don’t mind paying for it.