Ed.ju Omakase & Lounge

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 7.5/10 (Could’ve been 8 if it was priced better)

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on The Experience Omakase (RM680+) by Ed.ju Omakase.

Ed.ju Omakase is the first Sushi Bar in KL that serves aged fish. Ageing the fish enhances the flavour of the fish and it also changes its texture.


If you enjoy stronger flavours, then you will enjoy this. I definitely did!

Sashimi was refreshing and appetising - Tai was sweet, Hotate was lightly sour and zesty, Otoro (RM80+) had light truffle aroma with ponzu.

Sushi’s were quite small, because the flavour of the shari is quite strong (vinegary) but I enjoyed it. It was also firm and chef controlled the temperature quite well since the sushi course was spread throughout the whole menu.

There were a mixture of fresh & aged neta, and here are my favourites:

(1) Otoro didn’t look very fatty, but it literally melted in the mouth but it wasn’t “jelak”.

(2) 2-week aged Kampachi was my favourite piece, it was very rich and firm. Definitely a signature here!

(3) Iwashi Roll was impressive! It wasn’t fishy at all, lightly fatty, the pickled radish and ginger added crunch and flavour.

(4) Hotate and Uni handroll was very soft and creamy. The Hotate was so soft it outshined the uni.

(1) Shima Aji was aged for 8 days. This was also rich, firm and slightly chewy.

(2) Chawanmushi was silky smooth, ume koshi sauce was sour and pasta bits added crispy texture.

Egg Yolk Congee had very strong egg yolk taste, Awabi was tender.

Japanese A3 Wagyu Sirloin (RM280+) was soft, shio koji added umami.

(1) Botan Ebi with shaved Foie Gras tasted like miso. Interesting combination!

Warabi Mochi was very soft, smooth and not too sweet.


Chef was very interactive, waiters were attentive.


Modern Interior with counter seatings and lounge area.