Elegant Inn HK Cuisine

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6/10

Will I come back: No


This post is based on Dimsum Menu by Elegant Inn. All orders were recommended by the waiter.


Traditional HK Dimsum, classic and nothing fancy. Quite decent, but sadly they don’t serve char siew & siew yok here. Overall good, but not great.

(1) Steamed Australian Scallop Dumplings (RM24.60/3pcs) had flavourful fillings and juicy scallop on top.

(2) Shanghainese Dumplings (RM14.80/3pcs) had rich broth and pork filling.

(1) Crispy Vegetarian Riceroll (RM15.80) was crispy, but I prefer the ones with prawns instead of vegetables.

(2) Stir-fry Radish Cake (RM18.80) had great wok-fried aroma, very classic. Good, but not as soft as the one at Yun House.

(1) Classic Shrimp Dumpling (RM17.80/3pcs) had okay-thin skin, wished the shrimp was bigger and juicier. Still, pretty decent.

(2) Siew Mai with Fish Roe (RM14.80/3pcs) was classic.

Old-fashioned Prawn Toast (RM17.70/3pcs) was crispy outside, juicy inside.

Fish Fillet Congee (RM16.80) and Pork Century Egg Congee (RM12.80) were classic. Good and nothing fancy.

Steamed Custard Cake (RM10.80) was soft and had layers of custard.

Glutinous Rice with Dried Scallop & Duck (RM12.80) tasted quite bland. Quite similar to Sticky Rice Dumpling. Duck was dry.

(1) Baked Egg Tart (RM11.70/3pcs) were flakey, but the pastry wasn’t buttery, tasted more like margarine. Custard was good tho.

(2) Banana Red Bean Pancake (RM21.80) was flakey, but too sweet for my liking. Prefer it without the bananas.

(3) Egg Custard Bun (RM10.50/3pcs) was a disappointment. The custard filling wasn’t runny, barely any custard & yolk taste, the mint leaves left a weird aftertaste.


Waiters were attentive.


Traditional banquet setting, comes with private rooms. Indoor and outdoor seatings available.


Prefer Han Room to this for traditional Dimsum. Most likely will not come back as I love my char siew and they don’t serve it here. The custard buns were disappointing too.