Ember Modern Bistro

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8/10

Price: RM120/pax

Will I come back: Yes

Would recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy fine-casual dining without burning a hole in the pocket, yet getting to enjoy quality food with decent portions.


This post is based on #Option3 menu served during CMCO. Ember changes menu every week so expect different courses on your visit.


One of the most affordable fine-casual dining’s I’ve had. ONLY RM120 per pax for 5-courses + 2 amuse bouche!

1. Dry aged duck breast was tender, but I wish there was slightly more crisp on the skin. This was 50/50. Nothing wrong with it, just thought it could be better. But for RM120, this was good enough. Wasn’t really a fan of the charred cabbage tho.

2. Love the Ceviche! At first I thought it was Kampachi, until I checked the menu and noticed it was Pomfret.

3. Mushroom Capellini had great flavour & love the various textures from the mushrooms.

4. Beef Tartar had lots of umami but was missing a touch of salt. Still damn good tho!

5. Chrysanthemum Ice Cream was interesting, but the dehydrated cherry kept getting stuck in my teeth 🤣

6&7. Both Amuse Bouche had lots of herbs and interesting flavours.


100% payment was collected upfront. They are very particular with the dinner timing as they serve everyone at the same time. Introduction of the courses were given.


Nothing fancy, open kitchen concept.


Images are not arranged according to courses.