Enfin by James Won

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6/10

Will I come back: Only for normal menu

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Special Menu (RM1152/pax) by Enfin.

I enjoyed my previous visit with them, hence I decided to try out a special menu (I offered RM1,000 per pax budget). Sadly I wasn’t really impressed, as I felt there was lack of effort on the creation of a special menu for customers who paid a premium for it.


At approximately double the price of the regular menu, at least half of the courses were repeated from the regular menu. The whole experience felt more like an “Upgrade Main & 1 Appetiser” instead of a Special Menu.

Amor Caviar was one of the courses from their previous menu. Featuring caviar and yam bean purée, the sweetness from the purée balanced off the savouriness from the caviar. Crouton added crunchy texture.

The star of the night was the Giant Blue Prawn with Truffle Risotto. The blue prawn was juicy, the seaweed and smokey aroma added lots of umami to it. The roe was very rich! Truffle Risotto had strong Truffle aroma, wished the portion was larger because it was really good!

Prawn with Tomato Jus was clear and the natural sweetness of the jus paired well with the sour strawberries and watermelon. Not a fan of the green melon tho. Quite similar to their regular menu (Lobster Bisque) but I preferred this.

They missed out my Hokkaido Scallop course, hence it only came after my mains after I reminded them about it. First time experiencing this throughout my fine-dining journey. This course was exactly the same as the regular menu. Even the plating was the same. Quite disappointed as I expected something different.

Bombe Alaska had passionfruit and orange filling with charcoal meringue. This was also the same dessert served in their regular menu.

Amuse Bouche, Petit Four & Complimentary Bread were completely the same.


They had a chance to impress me with their Special Menu, but sadly it didn’t happen. Perhaps I will be back only for their Normal Degustation Menu.