Entier French Dining

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: Was supposed to be 8.5/10 but I’m bringing it down to 8/10. Find out why 👇🏻

Will I come back: Yes 👌🏻

This post is based on 2 of my latest visits for weekend brunch ala carte menu during CMCO.


1. Duck & Waffle - the duck itself is a little dry, but when you combine it with the waffle, foie gras & jackfruit, it’s amazing👌🏻

2. Short Rib looks and tastes better than my previous visits! Larger portions and more flavourful, very tender too.

3. The Crab & Caviar was okay, can try but won’t order again.

4. The Ox Tail consommé was one of the best I’ve had in awhile. Clear, rich and packed with flavour! Loved the oxtail croquette and tendon too. Would come back just to have this.

5. Escargots are is hidden in the crispy croquette with creamy herb filling. Quite good but don’t attempt to have 2 lol it gets very “jelak”. Ceviche is nice, but I personally prefer the one in Fuego.

6. Truffle noodles was good, texture and taste on point! But wouldn’t mind paying extra for shaved truffles instead of grated truffles.

7. DISAPPOINTED WITH THE DARK CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉ. There was a weird sour “milk gonna expire soon” smell when I was doing the video of myself scooping out the filling. I tasted it and knew I was right, it tasted off. It wasn’t very strong but I can definitely taste (and smell) it. I’ve ordered this multiple times and this is my first time experiencing this. I told the staff to send it back to the kitchen, but they got back to me with “the chef said it’s okay” and just left my dish there. Excuse me, what do you mean by ITS OKAY???? And I just didn’t bother eating it anymore. NO. JUST NO.

8. Strawberry & Pepper was okay, white chocolate cream with pastry and semi-dehydrated strawberries tasted better than the Dark Chocolate for sure.

9. Amuse Bouche was great, love the potato croquette.


Staff is quite attentive. But other than that, No.7 was a huge turn off 😕


Great ambience with skyline view. Private rooms available.


I might order the Dark Chocolate again on my next visit to see if the same issue occurs.