Entier French Dining

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 7/10 (5-Course), 6.5/10 (7-Course)

Will I come back: Yes, for Ala Carte

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on 5-Course (RM330/pax) & 7-Course (RM490/pax) Chef’s Tasting Menu by Entier. (*Included in 7-Course Menu)

This is the second time whereby the lower-priced Menu was better than the higher-priced Menu.


Featured on both Menus:

CRAB - Crabmeat was creamy, but cracker wasn’t crispy enough, kinda like “masuk angin” texture. Not sure if that’s how it’s suppose to be, but still decent.

SALSIFIS - Pan-seared Foie Gras was creamy, sweet & salty, but the toast was slightly hard. Salsifis (Oyster Plant) Veloute was very creamy and had strong vegetable taste. Nothing wrong with it, takes a person with an acquired palate to appreciate it, but sadly it’s not me.

FISH - Confit Turbot came with bones. It’s my first time encountering this during fine-dine. Entier’s response (on my earlier IGStories) claimed that it was to showcase Nose-to-Tail concept. However, I personally think that it is not safe to have bones placed on the plate during fine-dine as it might put diners at risk by piercing through their gums or even accidentally swallowing them. Perhaps they should have the option to debone, or state on the menu & waiters should specifically mention about the bones. (Imagine couples going on a first date spitting bones). Thankfully it tasted great! Fish was moist, great umami from the jus. Loved the crispy skin.

BEEF - Braised Short Ribs & Cheek were tender, tongue was chewy, but the broth was too salty. Suggest to add just a bit for some flavour.

*BEETROOT - Tartar of beetroot and dragonfruit was sweet and sour. Quite refreshing.

*RICE - Seafood Risotto was too fishy for my liking. Rice had a mixture of hard edges and powdery centre.

STRAWBERRY - Mille Feuille was crispy and creamy, semi-dehydrated strawberries were sweet.

Thank you for the Complimentary Quail, Bread, Rosé & Palate Cleanser!


Great Online Customer Service, but On-Floor Service definitely needs improvement.


Prefer their Ala Carte Menu. Images are not arranged according to Menu.