Fuego at Troika Sky Dining

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8/10 (Service needs improvement)

Will I come back: Yes, especially for the ceviche

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Fuego’s ala carte menu. Orders are based on recommendations by the waiter.


1. Still my favourite place for ceviche in KL up to date. Fuego Ceviche was fresh, refreshing and citrusy.

2. Salmon Ceviche had a smokey aroma, less citrusy compared to Fuego Ceviche. I love them both equally!

3. Not usually a fan of guacamole but the Prawn Guacamole was good! Perfect with the assorted chips.

4. Beef Croquettes tasted fine but wasn’t crispy enough. This was partly soggy partly crispy (probably due to the garnish).

5. Beef, Chicken and Fish Tacos - Chicken was my favourite! Love the tangy sauce 👌🏻

6. My medium-rare Ribeye Steak (350g) was slightly rare but still acceptable. However, it was very heavily seasoned so the steak became really salty. Even the sauce couldn’t save it.

7. Churros has great texture but lacked cinnamon flavour. The salted caramel cream was mehhh. Would prefer chocolate dipping instead!

8. Berries Pavlova used to have fresh berries but now all I see are berry compote. There was barely any yogurt (maybe 10% MAX) and the rest was cream. Contains alcohol.


The waiter doesn’t take notes on my additional order and obviously, he forgot. Some were friendly, some weren’t.


KL Twin Towers & City views. Alfresco dining, only stand-fans. No air-conditioning.


I’ve been here a few times and quality is somewhat consistent. They removed a few items from the menu, and few items were sold out during my visit.