Ginza Sushimasa

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 5.5/10

Price: RM1970 (2pax) - Inclusive of Supplementary Signature Wagyu Uni

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Omakase Course (RM860) by Ginza Sushimasa.

Ginza Sushimasa serves Edomae-Style Omakase. At this price point, I was ready to be impressed, but sadly that didn’t happen here.


Some of the ingredients were of higher quality, but some were moderate.

Sashimi was Okay-Fresh, but not WOW-Fresh. (2) My favourite was the Iwashi (Sardine) with Miso Paste, which was refreshing. (3) Oyster was quite big but wished it was fresher. This was in between Ori & Azabu.

Nigiri Session was a disappointment. Shari was firm and kept at room temperature, but it was straight up bland. Almost felt like I was having Gohan, not Shari. Yet, the neta wasn’t very fresh, so they weren’t that enjoyable. Portion was decent.

There were a few pieces of Sushi that I enjoyed. (4-2) Shiro Ebi was sweet. (4-4) Engawa was buttery and had a touch of sweetness at the end (No umami tho). (5-1) Aji was the freshest among the rest.

(7) Not sure why there was more Murasaki Uni than Bafun Uni, but I prefer a balance for the perfect Uni Don. Still good.

(8-1) I wished I was served a Kinki Fillet instead of the Collar. Decent flavour, but it was quite troublesome to eat with chopsticks, not to mention the amount of bones in it.

(8-2) Kamasu was crispy but slightly fishy.

(8-3) Appetisers were not appetising at all. Spinach was bland, Saba was fishy, cold and dry. NO.

(8-4) Quite troublesome to remove the clams from the Clam Miso Soup.

(9) Supplemented their Signature Wagyu Uni (RM230/piece) as I was dissatisfied with the whole course. Luckily this one tasted great! Literally melt-in-the-mouth!


I’ve heard not-so-good things about their service, but I’m quite fortunate that I didn’t encounter the same issue. Waiter was friendly.


Traditional Japanese Interior, counter seats and private rooms available.


I expected better quality for the price. Still didn’t get my sushi fix after the whole course due to the bland Shari.