Hanaya Japanese Dining

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: Quality 2/5, Portion 5/5

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Sushi Full Course (RM390++) with 1 upgrade of Australian Wagyu (+RM100/100g) by Hanaya.

My overall experience in 3 words: Salty, Jelak & Confused.


Portions are crazy huge, and if you’re looking for value-for-money Omakase and don’t really care much about quality, then this is the perfect place.

However, as a person that values quality, this place just wasn’t even close to being good.

All I tasted was Shoyu. Couldn’t taste the shari, couldn’t even taste the natural flavours of the fish. Everything was salty from the start till the end, and it almost felt like it was to mask the fact that most of the fish wasn’t fresh. 🤔

No doubt I was damn full after the course, but I didn’t really enjoy it.

Can’t understand why did chef put Foie Gras (???) in his Chawanmushi (3-1) as the first course, it was so heavy!

Adding cream cheese and butter (???) onto the Hotate, Ikura & Kani Sushi in a spoon ??? (2-2) I am so confused.

The portion of the Otoro, Uni & Caviar was damn huge! (4) Sadly, all I tasted was really salty and fatty Otoro, barely had any uni flavour.

Tempura (6) was nothing to shout about.

Australian Wagyu (5) was slightly salty (what’s new) and had too much fat for my liking (30-35%).

Oyster wasn’t fresh. (7) Initially the ponzu sauce masked the natural flavour, but eventually after chewing, the fishy taste came out. NO.

Most of the sashimi were fine, but HELL NO to the Katsuo Sashimi (8-right). It was damn dry and the marinate tasted weird. Can’t decide if I hated this more or the oyster.

Milk-flavoured ice cream was very sweet but the Homemade Matcha Sauce balanced out the sweetness.


Chef was extremely friendly, he even remembered me after a year! Waiters were attentive.


Sushi Counter and side tables available.


“Would you like your Shoyu with some Sushi?” This was literally how I felt throughout the entire course. Great portion, but I’d pick quality any day.