• Anne

Heritage Pizza

Rating: 7.5/10

Will I come back: Yes



If you’re looking for wood-fire oven pizzas with a slightly crispy crust, flavourful base, decent topics & prices, you should give this place a go!

The crust was lightly crispy outside, soft inside. Tomato base was more towards the sour profile, which I find it appetising.

Tomato Base:

Parma Pizza (RM52) with Buffalo Burrata (+RM28) was savoury from the Parma and cheesy from the Burrata. Burrata was creamy but it gets kinda overwhelming towards the end.

Diavola Pizza (RM38) with Buffalo Burrata (+RM28) was sour and slightly spicy. I really liked this, would prefer having it without the Burrata.

Cinque Formaggi (RM49) had 5 types of cheese (including blue cheese) and walnuts. I really liked the combination of the cheese and manuka honey.

Do not attempt to order ONLY this pizza, it’s too rich to be eaten on its own so best to have it with the other savoury pizzas

Bottarga Pizza (RM60?) with Salted Cured Tuna Fish Roe on white base was savoury and a tad fishy, not my favourite. It’s an acquired taste, and it kept getting stuck in my teeth

Panino Di Gelato with Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Yuzu Gelato & Vanilla with chocolate chips Gelato were nothing to shout about. Was told that the Pistachio Gelato is the star but was sold out that night. Perhaps next round!


The waiters and owner were friendly and attentive. Must make reservations because they’re quite full!



Clean & comfortable indoor seatings.

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