• Anne

Hoshun Sushi Kaiseki

Rating: 7.5/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol


This post is based on Kaede Kaiseki Menu (RM398++) by Hoshun..

I got quite skeptical when I saw “Sushi Kaiseki” being placed together. Turns out Sushi & Kaiseki are served at different counters, by different chefs specialising on each type of cuisine. - Food: I love that the food was simple but good, emphasising on the ingredients. The chef uses various preparation method to bring out the best of each ingredient, nothing too pretentious.

Hotaru Ika had its natural flavours but I would prefer to have a vinegar-miso dressing to balance off the natural fishiness of the squid. Kani was fresh. The Taiwanese cake was soft and fluffy, not too sweet. Leeks were okay.

Kinki Fish was the star of the night. Marinated with Sake and Yuzu, it enhances the flavour of the fish and it was moist.

Anago & Mochi Rice was simple, but good. Soft & light in flavour, but I wished they deboned the Anago.

Chawanmushi with Ikura, hotate, ebi & mushroom was pretty standard. Good.

Tempura was light and crispy, cold somen was aldente, I really like the combination.

Hotate was juicy but was sad that they sliced it into half.

Vinegared onions as palate cleanser.

Mochi with red bean filling & Japanese Orange was a great end to the meal. I loved that the red bean filling had bits of red bean for some texture.

Thank you for the complimentary welcome drink

Service: Waiter was attentive, the co-founder was welcoming too. Ambience: Interior reminds me of dining in Japan, really elevated the dining experience.