Kannichikan Yakiniku

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 5/10

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on ala carte menu by Kannichikan. All orders were recommended by the waiter.

This place was quite popular amongst my friends, but I felt that it was average at its best.


The meat wasn’t really fresh, which kinda put me off. I am quite particular with freshness when it comes to Yakiniku, and this one just cannot make it.

The highest grade available was Japanese A4 Wagyu.

1. Japanese A4 Premium Wagyu Ribeye (RM185/100g) was okay-fresh, decent flavour but texture wasn’t soft enough.

2. Japanese A4 Wagyu Ribeye (RM152/100g) was obviously not as fresh as the waiter claimed to be. The brownish parts kinda put me off. This ones were less tender and flavour was decent, but not rich enough for my liking.

3. The waiter insisted I should try the San-Shu Mori Special Menu, and now I know why. It was a combination of Kuroge Wagyu Short Plate, Rib Shortrib & Chuck Roll. Then, he insisted I should try the marinated version (since I tried their salt-only version, thought I’ll try their marinated version too).

Turns out, the marinate was obviously to mask the fact that the beef wasn’t fresh. The marinate wasn’t fragrant, but at least it added some flavour to the beef. Can’t imagine what it tastes like without the marinate. Texture-wise not as juicy as the earlier ones, but still tender.

Kimchi (RM9, not featured) was decent but nothing extraordinary.


Waiters were slow and inattentive. Ordered a Wagyu Tartar but didn’t arrive (thank god it didn’t)!


Old-school, slightly run-down interior. Private rooms are available.


I’d rather go to Yakiniku Yui at Publika, or even Shin Nihon.