Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 7.5/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is a combination of 2 recent visits to Kin Gyu. All orders were recommended by the waiter.


I used to come here very often, but I’ve noticed a slight drop in quality on a few items that I order regularly.

Premium Sirloin on Mount Fuji Lava Stone (RM382/212g) - You can determine your preferred size. This was my favourite course, the beef was really soft and juicy. However, the beef was already pre-cooked, so the lava stone is to cook further or to “heat up”. You can also choose your preferred condiments.

Premium Wagyu Loin Shabu-shabu (RM480/300g) with assorted vegetables was quite decent. Great beef quality, chose Bone Broth for my base. This was basically hotpot for lazy people - the waiter cooked the meat and vegetables for me so I just had to sit back and eat.

Wagyu Sushi (RM100) has great assortment and pretty good value, good for first-timers too. Prefer the Wagyu Sushi here than Shin Nihon.

Sea Urchin Wagyu Roll (RM20/piece) used to be better quality and had more uni. Now I think it’s okay to try, but no longer my favourite.

KinGyu Maki (RM27) came with Uni, Ikura, Kani & Wagyu. I used to love this but now the ingredients kinda tasted cheap. Worth trying, but I wouldn’t reorder.

Raw Wagyu & Green Onion (RM14) tasted way better! The Wagyu was well-seasoned and it was flavourful. Not really a fan of the seaweed tho.

Wagyu Carpaccio (RM50) was appetising, portion was quite small but tasted great.

Grilled Wagyu Claypot Rice (RM100) featuring Australian Wagyu & Japanese Rice. You can either eat it as it is or serve with Dashi Soup. I prefer the latter, very flavourful!

Japanese Style Partait (RM22) was okay. Green tea ice cream and red bean jelly weren’t overly sweet.


Staff are not very attentive, but love that they cook for us instead of self-service.


Japanese Interior, comes with bar seatings & private rooms.


I prefer this place over Shin Nihon. Quality seems better (even though they’re sister companies) and larger variety here.