• Anne

Koyaku Japanese Dining & Grill

Rating: 6/10 (1 for the extremely generous amount of uni)

Will I come back: No

Not sure if they serve pork in their ala carte menu 🤔 But pork-free for Omakase


This post is based on Omakase Course (RM525/pax) by Koyaku..


The most remarkable thing about the Omakase - they really do not stinge on the uni. Might not be highest grade, but it was fresh. And for the price? No complaints. If you really like uni, then you might enjoy this.

From the looks of the chef making my sushi (8) - doesn’t look like a sushi chef. Some fish were okay-fresh, some fish were kinda slimy(?) which was kinda turn off. Shari was quite flavourful, but it was quite sticky compared to most of the sushi’s I’ve had elsewhere.

2. Uni & Nori Tempura - Nori not crunchy enough because it’s been left on the counter for a long time. Generous amount of uni.

Uni, Toro, Caviar & Marinated Wasabi was appetising. Great start to the course.

(1) Hirame was chewy, Golden Ikura tasted like the less-fishy Ikura. Good combo!

(2) Chutoro & Otoro were quite fresh. Good.

(3 & 4) Sawara had a hint of umami from the aburi. Madai was slightly more chewy.

(1) Ishidai was the first piece of Sashimi and it was very slimy, what a turn-off.

(2) Amadai was quite veiny, slightly slimy but the yuzu “saved” it, not as bad as the Ishidai

(3) Foie Gras was creamy, but THIS WAS SOME OF THE WORST OYSTERS I’VE HAD. It was extremely fishy and it really killed my mood & palate. Ridiculous.

(1) Hamachi was slimy, but not too prominent on sushi.

(2) Engawa was chewy, not the fatty type.

(1) Otoro Aburi, Uni & Kani was a good combo. I liked this.

(2) Fresh Uni & Ikura Chawanmushi was decent for the price.

(4) Not the usual Miso Soup, but I liked the bamboo shoots. Not a fan of the squid tho.

Really good Daifuku. Mochi was really soft, red bean paste not too sweet and juicy strawberry.


Chef wasn’t very interactive, waiters wouldn’t refill my tea until reminded 2-3 times.



Didn’t expect it to be a Izakaya place, so it was kinda messy and noisy.


Disclaimer: All orders are not arranged according to the menu.