Li Yen 丽苑 at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6.5/10 (Service needs improvement)

Will I come back: Maybe


This post is based on Dimsum Menu by Li Yen

Started off with disappointment. Was told that they were no baked items available (because all the ovens were fully utilised to bake mooncakes), no porridge, no custard buns and no egg tarts too.


Abalone and Caviar Siew Mai (RM200/4pcs) was flavourful. Abalone was tender, Siew Mai was juicy but the Caviar wasn’t really necessary.

BBQ Siew Yuk & Char Siew (RM70) was 50/50. I’m usually a bigger fan of Char Siew, but not the ones here. The glaze tasted more like sugar than honey. The Siew Yuk had very crispy skin, meat was flavourful and great meat-to-fat ratio.

Shanghai Meat Dumplings (RM34/4pcs) was one of the best ones I’ve had in KL. Skin was fairly thin, the broth was very flavourful and meat was juicy. Would come back for this (if I do).

BBQ Pork Buns (RM24/4pcs) was exactly the same as the char siew, except even sweeter.

Crispy Cheong Fun (RM25) wasn’t crispy. Pork fillings were decent.

Har Gao (RM20/4pcs) was classic. Good.

Fried Radish Cake (RM25) wasn’t fragrant enough. Would’ve preferred a softer texture too.

Deep-fried Prawns in Beancurd Skin (RM20) wasn’t crispy too. Prawn fillings were okay.

Pan-fried Meat Buns (RM34/4pcs) was lightly crispy at the bottom, fluffy on top and juicy pork filling.

Crispy Chinese Pancake with Red Bean Filling (RM20) was soggy, again. This was one of the most basic desserts that even banquet dinners can do better.

Double-boiled Soya Bean with Black Sugar (RM20) had some bird’s nest in it, tasted like ordinary unsweetened soya with black sugar on the side.


Extremely slow and inattentive. Ordered Sweetened Almond Cream with Sea Coconut but never arrived. Took 20 minutes to be able to order, and another 20 minutes for them to bring the bill. Then they mistaken my orders (everything became 8 portions) but luckily I double-checked.


Modern Chinese interior, comes with private rooms.

Extremely put off by the service and many items were not available.