Lounge on the Park at Mandarin Oriental

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: RM474 (3sets)

Will I come back: Yes, for this set!

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Chitose Strawberry Afternoon Tea by Lounge On The Park. This set is available from 1st August - 30th September.

I didn’t enjoy my time here on my last visit (Malaysian Afternoon Tea Set) but I’m glad I gave this another shot because they came back so much stronger with this set!


Everything was (obviously) Chitose Strawberry-themed. As a strawberry lover, this one definitely hit the right note, not to mention they didn’t taste very artificial/weird!



They’re mostly on the sweeter side, but no overly sweet. I enjoyed most of the spread, except for the Strawberry Consommé Jelly, it tasted like diluted Strawberry Jam. The Strawberry Cheesecake tasted more like mousse than cheesecake. The rest were pretty high-quality! My favourite was the Chitose Strawberries & Strawberry Tart!



They might sound a bit funny because all of them came with strawberries - but they surprisingly tasted good! Other than the Five Spice Bread (which was slightly dry) with Chinese Roasted Chicken, the rest were quite enjoyable.


Plain & Raisin Scones we’re still bread-like texture instead of biscuit/crusty texture. However, they definitely tasted better than the Pandan-version that I had on my last visit.


The Coconut Truffle Tea was less bitter this time round, in fact it was quite aromatic. Went well with the Strawberry flavoured desserts.



Still not very attentive, but a lot better than my previous visit!


Disclaimer: Prefer this over Banyan Tree, St Regis is slightly better (and they have free flow savouries) but this is pretty good too! Please don’t expect them to taste like Japanese Strawberries, they’re nowhere close but the overall quality was quite good for the price!