Luce Osteria Contemporanea

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: Pizza 4/5, Pasta & Risotto 2/5

(+0.5 for dessert)

Will I come back: Only for the pizzas


This post is based on Luce’s ala carte menu. All orders were recommended by the waiter. They have 10% off all pizzas (Monday-Wednesday).


Overall the pizzas were great! They were very crusty and easy to chew on. But the pasta and risotto cannot make it.

Other than Juggy, the rest were tomato base.

La Maiala (RM54) had a mixture of Smoked Bacon, Spicy Salami, Wurstel, Porchetta & Pork Sausage. I like my pizza loaded with meat, and this was exactly what I wanted!

Juggy - Black Truffle Base (RM84) had Parma Ham & Buffalo Mozzarella. The truffle flavour was mild (No luck on adding shaved truffles), the Ham was too salty for my liking (Again, I’m not a cold-cut person so can’t really appreciate) but if you love cold-cuts, you’ll love this!

Pescatora (RM46) was my least favourite. It had a mixture of seafood (Mussles, Clams, Tiger Prawns & Scallops) but they were all very bland. Luckily the tomato base was rich enough to make up for the lack of flavour on the seafood.

Special Order on La Maiala + Parma Ham (RM64) had so much meaty goodness going around, but I still prefer the original version without the ham 🤣

Squid Ink Ravioli (RM48) was a huge disappointment! The skin was thick and hard, salmon filling was fishy. NO.

Pappardelle with Beef Ragu (RM46) wasn’t great either. Parppardelle was al dente, tomato base was rich, but the beef was tough!

Red Wine Risotto with Pork Sausage (RM56) was the worst dish of the night. Risotto was undercooked, Red Wine taste was way too strong and the pork sausages were almost non-existent.

Molten Chocolate Cake (RM28) was slightly hard, but the dark chocolate filling was runny.

Homemade Tiramisu was complimentary so no critiques (My friend wrote a review on TripAdvisor 🤣).

Complimentary bread were so good that they already impressed me from the start.


Waiters were friendly and attentive.


Interior was slightly rundown. Indoor and outdoor seatings available.


I’d rather order extra pizzas.