Marble 8 on 56

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 5/10 (0.5 for great service from the team & views)

Will I come back: Will be back to re-evaluate

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on ala carte menu on my 3rd visit to Marble8. I ordered completely different dishes from my previous visits.

I have had great experience with Marble8 on my last 2 visits - the best steaks & best service. But this time, my experience on the food was quite the opposite.


Both steaks were requested for Medium-rare doneness.

Dry-aged Wagyu Sirloin MB7 (RM358/300g) came out Rare. Sent it back to the kitchen but the middle parts still came out rare. After sending it in again, it became medium. The meat itself was soft but barely had any flavour.

Wet-aged Wagyu Tenderloin MB5 (RM358/200g) was Medium-rare. Meat was tender but also bland.

I was told that the steaks weren’t seasoned because there were customers that complained that adding salt made the dry-aged steak too salty. So chef decided to just not season it and leave it to customers to add their own salt.

But both wet-aged and dry-aged were bland. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Liver Duo (RM158) came with Pan-seared Duck Liver and some Goose Liver Pâté. The duck liver was straight up bland.

Complimentary bread and Amuse Bouche of Wagyu Slider were decent. Manager offered a Welcome Drink.

He also offered Complimentary Desserts to make up for the experience.


Slow and not as attentive as before. But the Manager apologised and tried to make up for the steak incident.


Quite a shame as I have chosen this place as one of the choices for my Giveaway, but due to the drop in quality, I have to change to Prime instead. Hopefully the quality will go back to how it was for my next visit.