Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9/10 (Excellent service)

Will I come back: Yes!

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on The Nadodi Experience (RM490+) by Nadodi.

Nadodi features Southern Indian Cuisine with a modern approach. I have a lot of respect for Chef @sricha_ran because to nail all 10 courses is not an easy task, yet he did it!


I liked this menu more than the previous menu, still flavourful but not as heavy!

Nadodi Trio

Onde-onde was lightly sweet & coconut-ty, mild passionfruit flavour with Chili for some heat.

Rojak was lightly crispy, crunchy and refreshing.

Nasi Lemak made into a meringue. Tastes exactly like it’s named.

Street Staple

Maguro was refreshing, paired with crispy Shisho leaf. Dosa was lightly crispy, filled with mash potato. Lamb Bonda was crispy outside, lightly chewy inside.

Bread & Curry

Inspired by Egg Benedict, Curry oozed out from the Sphere, combined with roasted chicken. The Foie Gras in the Curry Leaf Muffin was overpowered by the curry, but still good!

Pink Ginger & Yoghurt

Yoghurt Sorbet, Beetroot Meringue and Strawberries were refreshing and great contrast in texture.

I Am So Prawny

Sabah King Prawn was juicy and lightly crunchy, the chutney added lots of flavour and great umami!

Curry Leaf Madai

Madai was moist, Caviar paired well with the fish. Sauce was cheesy and garlicky but lemon flavour was mild. Mango fennel salad added a sour touch.

Silence Of The Lamb

Iberico Lamb was cooked medium, lots of spices which made the lamb very flavourful, tasted even better with the mutton curry!

Humble Broth

Momotaro (Tomato) Rasam was clear but rich and packed with umami, garlic espuma added some garlic flavour.

Nadodi Globe

Nasi Biryani was prepared with really tender chicken. Curry added heat and the Yoghurt neutralises the heat. My favourite course!

Chef offered both desserts!

Loved the Alphonso more, the mango-themed dessert comes in ice-cream and cheesecake form.

Dehydrated Chocolate was bittersweet and nutty.

Petite Four of candy and traditional chocolates.

The waiter offered complimentary drink & chocolates 🙏🏻


Images are not arranged according to Menu.