Updated: Mar 28

Rating: 9.2/10

Will I come back: Definitely YES! When I get to travel again.


This post is a #throwback based on my visit to Odette on June 2019. They were still 2 🌟 back then, and right now they’ve been awarded another 🌟! Ranked Top 1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2 years, they definitely deserve it! -


I’d be lying if I told you I can still remember what each and every single course tastes like. But some courses were so remarkable, it’s kinda hard for me to forget. The food overall was mind blowing and until now, Odette still remains one of the best fine-dines I’ve had up to date.


1. Can never forget the Heirloom Beetroot Variation. I’m not a fan of beetroot but this one has interesting combination of different textures. Those who love beetroot will definitely love this!


2. Normandy Brown Crab was a refreshing dish. The crab is hidden underneath.


3. Marukyo Uni was one of my favourites! Everything was straight up FRESH.


4. Added the Black Truffle Capellini into the course and this is hands down the best truffle capellini I’ve had. Look at the generous amount of black truffles!!


5. Mushroom Tea and Foie Gras with Abalone & Pork Consommé had lots of umami!


6. Couldn’t really recall what the Crispy Scaled Kinki tasted like but I remembered the crispy scales were kinda hard, still palatable tho!


7. Whole Pigeon - my favourite was the leg.

8. “Everything Grape”, Yuzu T’art and Petite Four all tasted damn good. They even gave me complimentary (Forgot the name but it was honey and chocolate dessert) and dessert wine!

9. Generous portions of complimentary Bread assortment & really good Amuse Bouche.

10. Complimentary home-made raspberry compote was 👌🏻


Friendly and attentive waiters.


Modern interior, comfortable and clean.


Images are not arranged according to courses. It was a very last minute booking (1 week) and I was lucky enough to have gotten someone to pull a few strings for me to get a seat