One Seafood Restaurant 港一活海鮮

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8.5/10

Will I come back: Yes


This post is based on 2 of my recent visits for dinner ala carte menu.


They serve premium seafood here, so do expect higher prices. However, there are many cooking methods to choose from! Quite similar to South Sea (from my previous write-up), but I frequent here a lot more because they have exactly what I want!

1&2. (2nd) Sabah Green Lobster (3kg) was one of the seafoods that I look forward to having whenever I’m here. This one here was prepared in 3 ways: Sashimi and Shabu-shabu for the body, “Wat Dan Hor” for the head. Love them all equally but I wished they had fresh wasabi to go with the sashimi 🤣 But this particular Lobster is quite overpriced in my opinion, hence I only have it by the by when I’m in the mood for Lobster Sashimi.

3. (1st) I chose BBQ style for the Australian Lobster (2.6kg). It tasted boring by itself, but I love to dip it with their Raw Shrimp Paste/Chilli so it gives a slight tangy and spicy kick to the lobster.

4. (Both visits) I LOVE their steamed fish here! Especially the Soon Hock 🤤 The Superior Soysauce is very aromatic and not too overpowering.

5. (1st) Chilli Crab here is good, but nothing extraordinary.

6. (2nd) One of the best Garlic Steamed dishes I’ve had. This was Garlic Steamed Penshell with Glassnoodles. One piece can be divided into 2 portions.

7. The Almond Milk Bird’s Nest in Thai Coconut is the main reason I’m here (Double portion Bird’s Nest). Saw it on the menu without the Thai Coconut on my very first visit and tried my luck to see if they could double boil it in the coconut like what I had in HK! And this officially becomes my TOP 5 favourite desserts ever 🤤🤤


Friendly and attentive waiters.


Large banquet and private rooms (with Karaoke) available.


Supposed to be 9/10 but it’s slightly overpriced!