• Anne

Park Grill

Rating: 7/10 (Would be higher if they nailed the steak)

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol


Almost everything that we ordered that night was satisfying, except for the steak.


My highlight of the night was the Beef Wellington (RM258). Flaky buttery pastry, Wagyu Tajima Tenderloin was tender, paired well with Foie Gras & Mushroom Truffle Duxelle.

Sher Wagyu Striploin MB6 (RM228/350g) was cooked medium-medium rare, but was over seasoned so it was really salty. Added on Perigourdine Sauce (RM28) & Chimichurri Sauce (RM18) but they were quite forgettable because the steak was way too salty.

Grilled Black Cod (RM118) was moist and flavourful. Goes well with the Lentil Stew. I really liked this!

Shigoku Oyster (RM90) had richer and deeper flavour than Kumamoto Oyster (RM102). Both were fresh, good!

Smoked Tuna Tataki (RM58) with Foie Gras Terrine was savoury and slightly creamy.

Tajima Steak Tartar (RM58) was slightly bland, so I added mustard and it was much better!

Grilled Asparagus (RM36), Sautéed Kale & Broccolini (RM35) were good, but I wouldn’t pay RM70 again for veggies

Madagascar Chocolate Cake (RM36) was very chocolatey, rich but not too sweet.

Manchego Cheese Tart (RM32) wasn’t the cheese tart that I was expecting. It was slightly sweet and savoury.

Dark Chocolate Tart (RM38) was sweeter than the Chocolate Cake, and I liked this! Especially the combo with the ice cream.

Pain Perdu (RM32) French Toast was crispy outside, soft inside. A tad pricy but worth trying.


Waiters were friendly and attentive. Must make reservation in advance.



The air-conditioning is quite strong. Clean and comfortable. There’s a bar seating on the other side.