Rating: 4.3/10 (0.3 for good service)

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol


This post is based on Devasa Argentinian Beef Menu by PRIME. The menu is available till end of September 2020.

Came back to PRIME for the Award-winning Devasa Argentinian Beef and left being disappointed.


It was truly a waste of good beef as some of my steaks weren’t cooked to my requested doneness (Medium-rare) and some were under-seasoned.


The best steak of the night was the Sirloin (RM200/340g). It was cooked medium-rare and was well-seasoned. The flavour of the beef was rich, and there was a great chew to it.

Tenderloin (RM250/220g) was the biggest disappointment out of my entire dining history in PRIME. It was straight up raw (like beef sashimi), and after sending it back to the kitchen for 3 times, it was still rare and under-seasoned. I gave up.

Ribeye (RM230/340g) came medium at first, and I sent it back to the kitchen. The replacement came back rare and under-seasoned. Even after sending back to the kitchen again, it was still rare.

(5&6) Here’s a comparison of my 3 different steaks - all requested for Medium-rare.

The waiter decided to waive off my desserts from the bill due to disappointment. Thankful for the effort 🙏🏻

The usual Complimentary Bread was crusty, but not a fan of the Cucumber Shot.

Sadly due to the back-to-back disappointing experiences here, I will not be returning to avoid further disappointments.