PRIME Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8.5/10 (*Quality dropped)

Will I come back: Definitely yes! Even without the promo 😉

This post is based on Prime’s dinner ala carte menu. Didn’t know they had 45% OFF until I asked for the bill! Crazy good deal for hella good steak 😍😍


1. The Signature Wagyu Prime Rib is my go-to order whenever I’m here. This one is 1.5kg, large enough to share between 3-5pax! You can call in advance to reserve your preferred size (depending on availability).

Steaks here are very well seasoned, doneness is based on your choice, and here I requested for half medium rare and half medium.

2. Black Cod was really good, especially coming from a place that specialises in steak! The cod was moist and flavourful, love it!

3. Ceviche was a lot better than my last visit! Very refreshing and appetising.

4. Lobster Bisque was creamy but the crust was more like “roti canai” texture.

5. Menu says “Scallops” but was only served 1 Scallop with Foie Gras. Taste good but menu was kinda misleading 😅

Crab cakes were crispy outside, filled with crab meat inside.

6. Apple Strudel was not too sweet but has a balanced flavour of apple and cinnamon that goes well with the pastry.

7. Cream Cheesetart was okay, nothing extraordinary. The Vanilla Gelato on top was good tho!

8. Love the Amuse Bouche (deep fried beef) & bread assortment.


Friendly and helpful staff.


Fine & cozy restaurant with large private room available.


45% off for Maybank card users, 40% off for CIMB & UOB card users until end of June!