Rare The Food Company

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 2nd visit - 6/10 (Extremely noisy, like I was dining in a pasar malam), 1st visit 8/10

Will I come back: Yes


This post is based on my second visit to Rare, ordered mostly different courses from my first visit.

Rating does not apply to Pulpo & Iberico Gyoza (as they were repeated from the first visit).


Most courses from my first visit were better than this visit’s.

Uni Pasta with Hotate with Ikura (RM148) had generous amount of Uni but pasta was bland.

Carabinero Brilliante (RM90) was juicy, sweet and flavourful. The roe was drizzled onto the rice, it was rich and paired well with the Scarlet Prawn.

(1) Iberico Collar (RM44) was too fatty for my liking, but was well-seasoned and had great umami.

(2) Aged Golden Snapper (RM42) had crispy skin but fish was a tad dry.

Waiter forgot about my Iberico Lamb Rack (RM110) so it took awhile. Lamb was Medium, but it was very gamey and lacked seasoning. Skip this.

Wagyu Bacon Don (RM38) had smokey and rich flavoured Wagyu bacon, but the rice with Kombu Butter was nothing extraordinary. Preferred the rice from the prawn earlier.

Aged Fuji Salmon (RM88) was nothing to shout about.

Sweet Potato (RM10) was sweet (not sure if it was natural sweetness or there was additional honey).

Pulpo (RM78) & Iberico Gyozas (RM28) were repeated orders from my first visit (as they are my favourites from Rare).

Brûlée Marjolaine (RM19) had sponge, ganache and cream texture. Not too sweet, quite decent.


Waiters weren’t very attentive, and they forgot my order.


I wasn’t informed that there was a huge party going on. It was extremely packed and noisy, everyone was shouting all over the place and it was very unpleasant (should’ve taken videos for this but Picture 6 was 30-40% of the actual noise). Outdoor seatings with limited stand fans and no air conditioning.


Would recommend the Pulpo, Iberico Gyoza, Wagyu Bacon Don, Carabinero Brilliante, Wagyu Tartar, Sweet Corn and Sweet Potato. This one happened a day before ATAS, so it was a back-to-back mood-killer.