Ruyi & Lyn

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 7.5/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol


This post is based on Ruyi & Lyn’s ala carte menu.


I’m usually quite skeptical with fancy looking food because 90% of the time the taste cannot make it. But this was Modern Chinese Cuisine done right 👌🏻

1. Ruyi’s Sushi (RM38/6pcs) looked and tasted exactly like Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice and Mango Sticky Rice in a sushi form. Quite interesting!

2. Hands-free Chili Crab (RM128) needed a bit more flavour but it was a hassle-free way of eating crab so I’m not gonna complain! Goes well with the crispy mantau on the side.

3. Price & Pauper (RM48) - This Award-winning Foie Gras and Watermelon dish sounded hella weird but actually tasted great! The watermelon makes the Foie Gras less “jelak”. Quite refreshing.

4&5. Salted Mountain 2 Head Abalone (RM338) was presented in a fancy way but tasted legit! Love the truffle sauce on that really tender abalone topped with a sliced truffle.

6. Flames of Glory (RM48) tasted like sweet & sour beef brisket.

Polka Dot Nemo (RM33/8pcs) had crispiness from the sago and sweet and sour from the snow fish.

7-1&4. Wagyu Puff (RM12) and Crispy Swan (RM12) had flavourful fillings, pastry was flakey but not buttery enough.

7-2&3 Pagoda of Duck (RM46) was nothing great and forget about the Salted Egg Fishskin (RM28).

8. Tofu Flower (RM38) was very peppery and vinegary. Nanyang Health Soup (RM43) had decent portion of fish maw and tasted fine.

9-1. Portuguese Egg Tarts (RM8) had very flakey and buttery pastry but kinda overpowered the custard.

9-2. Rainbow Bird’s Nest (RM28) was too fruity and sweet, overpowered the taste of Bird’s Nest.

9-3. Sexy Salty Embrace (RM28) chocolate & salted egg yolk lava cake surprisingly tasted good. The 2 ingredients blended in well.


Manager gave great recommendations. Waiters were attentive and friendly.


Glamorous exterior, medium-sized banquet hall, comes with private rooms.


Will visit again to try their dimsum next!