Ruyi & Lyn

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6/10 (0.5 for great service from the Manager)

Will I come back: Only for the Ala Carte Menu

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on XXL Dimsum Basket & Dimsum Menu.

I was very excited to try their XXL Dimsum Basket (RM168) when I saw the illustration board at the entrance, hence I revisited in less than a week. Ended up with disappointment.


1. XXL Dimsum Basket

What was illustrated (2) were cute little fancy Dimsum - Mostly not found in their Regular Dimsum Menu.

What was served (3) was stuff that can be ordered straight from the menu (Except for one of the Abalone Dumpling which tasted bland). 50% of the Dimsum included were stuff that I don’t usually order (because I don’t enjoy eating them - like Fishballs, Layer Cake, Beancurd Rolls etc.)

Wasn’t informed that it was “Omakase Style” so Chef decides what to serve on that day itself. I might as well order my own Dimsum so I can have exactly what I like.

Overall the skin for the dumplings were quite thick. “Siew Mai” & Golden “Char Siew Bao” tasted like the real deal, except they’re chicken. “Loh Mai Kai” was flavourful. The rest were so-so.

(4) Charcoal Custard Bun was legit 👌🏻


2. Ala Carte

(5-1) Crispy Wasabi Prawn Dumpling (RM13/3pcs) was lightly crispy but skin was too thick for my liking.

(5-2) Caviar & Crab Essence Dumpling (RM13) had flavourful salted egg yolk crab base but the skin was thick and chewy.

(5-3) Foie Gras Puff (RM18/2pcs) was flakey and buttery but barely had any Foie Gras taste.

(5-4) The waiter mistaken my order - I didn’t order this Smoked Duck Cake (RM9.80/3pcs). This was basically squid ball with smoked duck bits. Not a fan.

(6) “Cheong Fun” with Crispy Prawns (RM11.80) was crispy and had juicy prawns. But I prefer the one from Han Room. This one lacked a fragrant aroma, but it’s decent.

(7) Signature Radish Cake was soft and flavourful.

Ordered Portuguese Egg Tarts but never arrived.

(8) Manager offered complimentary desserts so no comments on them.


Definitely needs improvement, but luckily the manager made it up to us.


Will come back here for Ala Carte, but not Dimsum.